Got Plans for Branding your business?

Seat-Of-Your-Pants marketing is a disease.
It’s actually Marketing without a plan. It’s brand-less!

Here’s a easy 3-step plan:

1. LikeCatcher can provide an assessment of how your business is perceived online
2. Make plan for your unique business to be clearly recognizable.
3. Then execute that plan.

Has this ever happened to you?
An ad salesperson walks into your business and sell cute print ad in community “penny savers” to promote your business. It’s only a few hundreds that month. So you buy the ad. Then do it repeatedly other ad salespeople. Every ad looks different. So you are perceived as a different business in each magazine. This is “marketing sprawl;” marketing without a plan. It lacks branding. It is a futile attempt at “throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks!”

Marketing Sprawl is marketing by the seat of your pants; Marketing without a plan. For many small businesses, marketing for your business is much like this.

Stop and Think.

It takes only 2 seconds to recognize a brand. Your minds-eye can really sees these logos when you read them:

• Nike
• Apple
• Kodak
• McDonalds
• Coke

Train people to recognize your business brand, online and in print. Using firm Brand Style Standards that include:

• Colors
• Fonts
• Logos
• Images
• Style

Is your brand diluted? Do you have a different handle (name) on any of these online properties?

• Facebook page(s)
• Twitter account
• YouTube Channel
• Website
• Email address

It’s time to unify your perception. Take your brand standard and Spread Liberally!

Get professional help!
LikeCatcher can provide an assessment of how your business is perceived, and a plan make your unique business clearly recognizable. Then execute that plan.

In marketing, as in life…

Stop and plan before you get suckered again:

It is a common practice to buy the “black box,” then figure out how to apply it to a problem. Often this methodology involves buying more stuff to make the “black box” actually work, and it never quite does. This is a recipe for an albatross; a “big black hole” you throw money into. An example is buying a computer and software, only to discover it can’t do what you purchased it for?

It’s really a simple process to avoid getting suckered:

1 – Identify the problem
2 – Identify a solution(s)
3 – Buy the solution(s)

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