Social Media Marketing

Social MediaSocial Media is a powerful tool for marketing any small business.


It’s a Point-Of-Discovery for people looking for new information, advice, and knowledge.

It enables small business to further their reach to more potential customers and influencers.

Facebook is here to stay

Nothing reinforces brand loyalty more than 1-on-1 engagement with its’ customers. Facebook is still the #1 social network, so Facebook Marketing is a necessity this decade. Engagement creates fans. Fans are like business ambassadors who promote the good faith of your enterprise. They share your content with their friends and associates, on other websites, eMail, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Texts, and so many other possibilities. This electronic word-of-mouth creates even more Points-Of-Discovery opportunities. Done well, this cycle will repeat and grow a list of fans for a business or brand.

Even bad comments on social media is an opportunity! It’s an opportunity to turnaround a poor customer experience, Show you really care to the world, or expose a crank for what they really are.

People are interacting with brands through social media right now! Your So, having a strong social media presence on the web is the key to tapping into their interests. If done well, marketing with social media can bring remarkable success to your business.

Most business are already listed on dozens of social sites on places such as: Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and over a hundred others. There is likely incorrect data listed and posted user reviews, both good and bad. You simply can’t ignore this paradigm! Monitoring reviews is essential.

LikeCatcher can monitor this for you to keep you in control with Reputation Management. .

Once you find your audience, that natural affinity to attract your community, your list of fans will grow exponentially. And yes, that’s the trick. It won’t happen over night. But with care and patience it can happen.

Your message can spread from user to user if it resonates. It resonates because it appears to come from a trusted — third-party source, a weak-tie, and not your company directly.

What are weak-ties?

There are two kinds of relationships people can have. Close real relationships like with your family and friends; the people you have to face in person. Then there are the weak relationships, or “weak-ties.” Weak-ties are the online relationships with people you may, or may not, have met. Weak-ties are also known as Weak-Links.

In general, people trust advice from their weak-ties more than their real friends, family, and peers. You can ask 100 online friends if you should buy “those shoes” in one click. That’s instant gratification to help you make decisions. This is also called “crowd sourcing.”

There is strength in weak ties, as the sociologist Mark Granovetter has observed. Our acquaintances — not our friends — are our greatest source of new ideas and information. The Internet lets us exploit the power of these kinds of distant connections with marvelous efficiency. It’s terrific at the diffusion of innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, seamlessly matching up buyers and sellers, and the logistical functions of the dating world. But weak ties seldom lead to high-risk activism.  – ©THE NEW YORKER 2010

Your business marketing challenge is to tap into these social media communities. Get them talking about your products and services. Convert them into fans and get them to buy! Then get them to motivate their friends to buy too!

The paradigm keep shifting!

It use to be, all you needed was web site and a yellow page ad to be found. Then just a web site and a search listing. Now you need the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to direct traffic to you. Popular belief is you either have to pay big money for paid AdWords or organic SEO. Today, you have a third choice. It’s Social media. Now “content is king,” so engaged social media can drive search engines traffic to your web site for a far less cost than AdWords or SEO.

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