gorilla fi

Your website is boastful & boring. Do you know what your readers want? Is your website about useful content?

ByByJoel LukacherFeb 26, 20140

Your website is boring & boastful! Stop beating on your chest! Why? Because it reads like a Low Land Gorilla thumping his chest! As if to say ” …I’m the best. Buy from me! Because I’m the best!… This is the pit most small business owners fall into. Sure that’s just…

beeper fi

Technology and popular culture

ByByJoel LukacherFeb 28, 20140

Use to be our popular culture required everyone to have a beeper. When was the last time you saw a beeper? There’s a reason, our popular culture has advanced. Our popular culture and it’s technology are one and the same.  Today, it’s the smart phones and tablets, such as of Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, that rule. People…

social networks

Social Media Relationships

ByByJoel LukacherFeb 20, 20140

Online social media relationships can be strong or weak. There is a big difference in this distinction… As in real life relationships, and social media relationships, there are really two kinds of relationships people can have… Close real relationships like with your family and friends; the people you have to…