Social Media Relationships

Online social media relationships can be strong or weak. There is a big difference in this distinction…

As in real life relationships, and social media relationships, there are really two kinds of relationships people can have…

Close real relationships like with your family and friends; the people you have to face in person. Then there are the weak relationships, or “weak-links.” Weak-links are the online social media relationships with people you may never meet. It’s like scores of “digital pen-pals” called “Friends.”

Social Media RelationshipsIn general, people trust advice from their weak-links more than their real friends, family, and peers. You can ask 100 online friends if you should buy “those shoes” in one click. That’s instant gratification to help you make decisions. This type of social media relationships is using “crowd sourcing.”
Social networks are communities of people; people who may share a common interest or just the same Social media relationships, or friends.
In Facebook they’re called “Friends.” In Twitter they’re called “Followers.” In LinkedIn they’re called “Connections.” What ever you call them they’re your personal community of weak-links. When these communities are interconnected between several online sites it’s called “a Social Network.”

Your business marketing challenge is to tap into these interconnected communities. Get them talking about your products and services. Convert them into fans and get them to buy!  Then get them to motivate their friends to buy too!


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