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QuadCopter Coach

Buy a drone? Better yet… build one! I’ll teach you how.

Why buy a drone? I have a better idea. LikeCatcher has joined the Sport Drone Revolution. It’s been a year
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Online Crook

Facebook scam, I got hacked by an imposter

UPDATE… click to read new development A “FAKE me” conned my friends with a Facebook scam I’m not kidding. Really me. And
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Technology and popular culture

Use to be our popular culture required everyone to have a beeper. When was the last time you saw a beeper?
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Your website is boastful & boring. Do you know what your readers want? Is your website about useful content?

Your website is boring & boastful! Stop beating on your chest! Why? Because it reads like a Low Land Gorilla
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Social Media Relationships

Online social media relationships can be strong or weak. There is a big difference in this distinction… As in real
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