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Popular Culture Beeper

Use to be our popular culture required everyone to have a beeper. When was the last time you saw a beeper?

There’s a reason, our popular culture has advanced. Our popular culture and it’s technology are one and the same.  Today, it’s the smart phones and tablets, such as of Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, that rule. People want instant information everywhere.

Do you know how people perceive your business online?

Many businesses still use the same tactics they always used to trick search engine  for that top position and their online reputation with diminishing returns. Why? Because they didn’t know changes came and they “missed the bus.” Online popular culture changed.

Perception is more important than reality;
This is an unfortunate truth.

Your Website, Email, Social Media, & Local Review sites, levels the playing field between big companies and small business. A tiny business. Your business can look larger than life online: Professional, credible, trustworthy, and likeable. Blending in with some popular culture can help too.

• Professional • Credible • Trustworthy • Likeable

It is much easier to take control of how you are perceived on the internet than react to negative situations after they happen online.

The Google Crackdown

Google has been aggressively going after plagiarized content and spammy links. Google is handing out warnings and penalizing sites that don’t more strictly adhere to their policies and guidelines for quality sites. If your website and social media has employed questionable tactics in the past, it’s time to work differently and avoid costly penalties.

Social Media for Business

Only a few years ago, a business could ignore the social media. Such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. But not today! Did you know the fastest growing demographic for Facebook is the 55-plus crowd? Social media needs to be a part of your business marketing. Today, Google, Bing, and Yahoo search is relying on social signals to determine page rank. Your company needs to use social media for organic SEO.

The Rise of Mobile

Today, most people are using smart phones and tablets to serf the internet. Mobile is a big part of our popular culture. A great number of people are actively creating reviews on the fly when visiting restaurants, retail stores, services, and events. Both positive and negative reviews. Your business needs to be more vigilant about monitoring online reviews affecting searches for your brand. It necessary for your business to get on the bandwagon with mobile local social platforms too.

Out of control

Take control of your reputation online now, and it won’t come back to haunt you in the future. Social media is a way of life and is finds its way into all aspects of our lives. You can either decide to proactive control it, or allow it control your business. A company out of control is a terrible thing!

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