Facebook Marketing

Facebook is over 10 years old and its still growing.

It’s a juggernaut that your business can’t ignore. Engaging with your customers, and potential customers, builds brand loyalty for any business.

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Likes on Facebook positively affects your Business:

          • Likes increase sales by arousing desire in the sales process.
          • Likes prove your prospects are paying attention.
          • Likes create loyalty that leads to testimonials and brand defenders.
          • Likes affirm prospects’ desire for your offerings.
          • Likes drive people toward their next purchase.
          • Likes qualify prospects, decreasing your cost per sale & increasing ROI.
          • Likes decrease costs, because high Click-Through-Rates (CTR) on ads lowers cost per fan, and high feedback rate on posts lowers Cost-Per-Impression (post).

The Pew Research Center recently reported:

      • Facebook is used by 57% of all American adults and 73% of all those ages 12-17.
      • Adult Facebook use is getting stronger still: 64% of Facebook users visit the site on a daily basis.
      • The total number of teen users remains high and they’re not abandoning the site.
      • 50% of adult Facebook users have more than 200 friends.
      • 39% of adult Facebook users have between 1 and 100 Facebook friends
      • 23% have 101-250 friends
      • 20% have 251-500 friends
      • 15% have more than 500 friends
      • Half of internet users who don’t use Facebook live with someone who does.
source: Pew Research Center – February 3, 2014  – Aaron Smith at the Pew Internet & American Life Project

Facebook, Choose Like!


There is no DISLIKE button.

“…Likeonomics describes personal relationships, individual opinions, powerful storytelling, and social capital that help brands and their products or services become more believable. Believable brands inspire word of mouth and create experiences that people can’t help but share with others…”
“Likeonomics” by author Rohit Bhargava, a senior vice president at Ogilvy.

Your business can use Facebook to cheaply…

Laser Target customers:
      • City – Region
      • Company – Organization
      • Profession
      • School – Collage
      • Sport – Activity – Lifestyle
Drive conversions like:
      • Lead Generation
        (email, cell phone, birthdays)
      • Email addresses for
        opt-in subscriber lists
      • New Fans
Use tools like:
      • Contests
      • Sweepstakes
      • Coupons
      • eBooks
      • Events

 Choose Like!  — Choose LikeCatcher

LikeCatcher can do Facebook for you, with you, or both. Small Business programs to fit any budget.
Starting as low as $99/month!

Sweepstakes and Coupon Management

      • Includes monthly design and program changes
      • Notify the winners and post them on your wall
      • Your custom sweepstakes form will capture important customer data (email, cell phone, birthdays)

Daily Posts & Monitoring

      • Our team will post engaging conversations on your Facebook fan page.
      • Daily monitoring of comments and questions.

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