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80% of people are surfing the internet on mobile devices like cell phones & tablets, and they leave websites that can’t be easily viewed on their device. A website that’s more than 2 years old may not be Responsive. LikeCatcher specializes in responsive web design.

A responsive web design site automatically changes its layout to match the users device screen size, and be easily readable on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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LikeCatcher Specializes in websites Actionable, with a specific Call To Action.

People visit websites is for granular information. The who, what, where, why, and when. They want to find something out, learn something new. Everyday people are investigating websites before making a purchase from a business, professional, or product… or acceptance a new idea.

Websites often fall into one of three categories:
    1. Provides information
      or education

      1. Why buy from us?
      2. Company Story.
      3. Business History.
      4. Product or service Information,
        and/or Demonstration.
      1. Stroke the owners ego

        1. Pleases the owner.
        2. Website looks pretty.
        3. No information of interest
          or education value for visitors.
      1. Call-To-Action

        1. Call us today!
        2. Request a free quote.
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        4. Limited Time Offer… Order today!

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